Home of the Tigers

Supply List

Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock Elementary School

Supply List



1 – Folder                                                                                            2 – notebooks

Crayons (box of 8)                                                                            Markers

Glue sticks                                                                                           Paint shirt

1 pair clean tennis shoes for inside PE                                     Kleenex

1 pair extra clothes (keep in backpack)                                   Hand sanitizer

Baby wipes                                                                                         scissors


School Bag                                                                                          Paint Shirt

Pencils                                                                                                  Scissors

Glue Sticks                                                                                          Crayons (box of 8)

Markers-optional                                                                             Erasers


1 pair of clean tennis shoes for inside PE                                2 inch binder

Ear buds or headphones

1st Grade

Crayons – 24 count and also 2 boxes of 8 count (Crayola preferred)

Markers – (10 count) primary colors only                               colored pencils

Glue bottle (4 – 6oz.)                                                                      Basic backpack (labeled)

2-boxes of Kleenex                                                                         5 subject wide rule notebook

Paint shirt

2 – Glue sticks-more as needed throughout the year

Scissors – No plastic blades – Crayola or Fiskars preferred and initialed


1 (red & blue pocket folder – (name in the upper right hand corner in black marker)

Tool (pencil) box – large enough that glue sticks, scissors, erasers, crayons, markers and/or colored pencils will fit into.

Pencil holder – canvas, cloth or hard side (smaller rectangular shaped) preferred (plastic does not stand up – pencils puncture)

1 pair clean tennis shoes for inside PE

Ear buds or headphones – initialed in a plastic Ziploc-style baggie

Homework folder and rulers will be provided.




2nd Grade

Crayons 1 box of 24 and 2 boxes of 8 count (Crayola Preferred) colored pencils, and markers for coloring

Pencils-throughout the year (larger size pencils preferred)

Erasers/pencil top work best/others are useful also-supply throughout the year

Glue bottle and glue sticks                                                           1 (5 subject notebook)

No Trapper Keepers                                                                       Paint shirt

No rulers                                                                                             Backpack

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 pair of clean tennis shoes-for inside PE

Small pencil holders are best to keep pencils together

2 pocket folders

Ear buds or headphones

Grades 3 – 6

Three boxes of Kleenex                                  1 pair of clean tennis shoes for inside PE

Scissors                                                            1 zippered pencil bag (preferably canvas or plastic

Erasers – 6th grade big pink or pencil top        No Trapper Keepers

Pencils-throughout the year                           Notebooks: (5 Single Subject)

Glue bottle and glue sticks                             Pocket Folder: (5 Plain)

Markers & Crayons                                         Loose Leaf paper-wide rule

Colored Pencils                                               1 Soprano Recorder-Grade 4, 5, & 6 only.

Simple hand held pencil sharpener                Ruler

Highlighters                                                    Paint Shirt

Backpack                                                         Ear buds or headphones-in a clear zip lock baggie

6th grade only – Basic plastic pencil box to fit scissors, colored pencils, crayons, glue, glue sticks, sharpener, and highlighters)

6th grade prefers all supplies are labeled with initials