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HMB St. Jude Math-a-Thon 2013

by:  Darcie Dykema

Math-A-Thon Coordinator

Our 3rd annual St. Jude Math-A-Thon has begun.  We had our kickoff meeting November 25, 2013 and the campaign will run through January 10, 2014.  Your child should have their sponsor sheet and a parent needs to send back the permission slip attached to the sponsor sheet by checking the YES box if you would like your child to particpate.   Each student should also have directions on how to set up their account online so they can reach out to their sponsors who may not live in ND and can sponsor your child online by credit card.   If you do not have the directions on how to do this contact me at the school.

The St. Jude Math-A-Thon is a nationally recognized public school math enrichment program designed to complement an existing school’s math curriculum while teaching the students a valuable community service lesson about kids helping other kids.  The program includes a free math curriculum supplment for grades K-8 that students complete while obtaining sponsorships from family and friends.  St. Jude Math-A-Thon is an education-based fundraising program for grades K-8 tht benefits some of the world’s sickest children stricken with cancer who look to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital for hope.  For more than 20 years, Math-A-Thon has been America’s largest education-based fundraiser.

The benefits of Math-A-Thon add up to help a good cause.  Students who participate have the opportunity to improve their math and comprehensions skills and understand the importance of helping other children.  The funds raised by the students benefit St. Jude, where doctors and scientist work to eradicate childhood cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases.

This will be my third year as head coordinator for the St. Jude Math-a-Thon.  The enthusiasm, motivation, and drive that our students are showing me already here being in September is heartfelt.  The students need to pursue donatiobns and strive to want to make a difference in the lives of children that have a deadly disease.  To me this  speaks volumes of our students in what they have and what other students their ages don’t have, their health..  This fundraiser truly brings out the ‘heart’ of our students and something intangible that cannot be found in a classroom textbook. I also use Tara Dahl’s remark about why she loved the St. Jude Math-a-Thon, “My uncle died of cancer.  When I see the smiling faces of those children on our St. Jude posters it’s not the prizes that I want it’s the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing something to help the children get better and maybe one day there will be a cure for childhood cancer.

I would like to thank the students, parents, relatives, friends of the family, and acquaintances for your support for the past two years and not this upcoming year by helping HMB boast a successful year of donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  The founder, legendary actor and comedian Danny Thomas, would be so enlightened to see his dream now 51 years in the making become stronger in treating children’s cancer.  Danny’s goals were not to turn away any child that is stricken with cancer and not to charge any family for the services that are rendered to their child while at St. Jude.  He is truly an inspiration and his legacy is being continued day by day by doctors, nurses, researchers, assistants and his own daughter actress Marlo Thomas.

If anyone has questions or concerns about this fundraiser please contact me at the school at 701-782-6231 or email me at darcie.j.dykema@sendit.nodak.edu